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    STITCHES is set for big growth in 2021

    Based out of Napa Valley, California

    STITCHES, an adaptive apparel brand based out of Napa Valley, is poised for huge growth in 2021. Napa Valley may be known for its incredible restaurants and Cabernet Sauvignon, but it's also the location where co-founders, Collin White and Dr. Robert White, currently live. It's the ideal location for STITCHES because of the shared values of health, mobility, and freedom. 

    New Design Updates in 2021

    STITCHES started out just a few years ago in 2019. This year in 2021 STITCHES plans to reveal a new line of clothing with fresh colors and updated designs, all based on the incredible feedback from its customers over the last few years. There will also be fabric upgrades, despite the fabric already being incredibly soft, but we will be upgrading our fabric sourcing to an even higher grade. This upgraded fabric will be able to last much longer and reduce the shrinkage, so that these clothes can be worn and passed on for a longer period of time.

    New Products in 2021

    STITCHES will be actually be adding some new products for various other medical circumstance that people are go through. This is part of the STITCHES vision in providing high quality apparel for every medical circumstance that a person goes through. 

    Blessed to be a part of the patient journey

    The mission of STITCHES is to be of service to all the patients that are out there dealing with very difficult medical circumstances. It's a privilege to be a part of the patient journey, and STITCHES will strive to be the #1 apparel brand for patients worldwide.

    To see the video by co-founder Collin White, kindly click the link below: