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    James Bond & the Risk Factors of Developing Dementia

    Studies have shown that the number one fear in those turning 65 is about whether they are going to develop dementia or not. It’s very understandable given that most of us may know of a friend or loved one who suffers from this disease. 

    Sean Connery, the famously recognized actor who portrayed James Bond in countless movies who sadly recently passed away, did in fact suffer from dementia in his final years.

    Dementia is a scary and sometimes unavoidable reality that exists. There are risk factors that we can change, and a few risk factors that we can’t change, which can lead to this disease.The risk factors that we can’t change are age and family history. 
    We actually all have some risk of developing dementia, but obviously some have a higher or lower risk than others.  The number one risk of developing dementia is age.For example, an 80 year old woman is more likely to develop dementia in 5 years than a typical 30 year old female. However it is estimated that dementia affects 1 out of 14 people over 65, and by the time you are 80 it is 1 out of 6. Part of the reason is the way the brain ages, which is that it tends to shrink as you get older. 
    This is a big reality for the United States since we have an aging population with the current baby boom generation that is entering into its 60’s and 70’s currently.Every day there are approximately 10,000 baby boomers turning the age of 65. 

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