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    2 Common Insulin Pump Problems that Type 1 Diabetics Deal with all the time

    We recently had a fantastic interview with Dr. House about insulin pumps. Dr. House has dealt with Type 1 Diabetes for the last 20 years of his life in which he was originally diagnosed around the age of 13. He found that there were two common problems that he has typically dealt with. 

    Problem #1 - Sleeping at night time with the insulin pump

    This is such a challenging issue that many people with Type 1 Diabetes have to deal with. Where do you place your insulin pump when you go to sleep at night? There is a risk that the pump could become disconnected from situations of rolling over, and then all of a sudden you wake and your blood sugar is getting really high. 

    This is where the Stitches Medical Insulin Pump Shirt can help a lot. It keeps the insulin pump close to the body so that it can reduce the risk significantly of the insulin pump getting disconnected. 

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    Dr. Ryan House has not dealt with this issue while he has been using the Stitches Medical Insulin Pump Shirts. 

    Problem #2 - Clothing that has no pockets

    Dr. House is a physician where he wears scrubs that have no pockets. He likes to feel the vibrations and alerts, so he knows when to check on his glucose levels. A big issue in the OR can be signal interference, so having the insulin pump closer to your body is a huge advantage. 

    The Solution: Use the Stitches Medical Insulin Pump Shirt

    The shirt will give security and privacy, which is obviously extremely important for people who manage insulin pumps every day. 

    To see the interview, click on the Youtube Video below: